Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Sunday morning came and again another early wake up call; this time at 2:30 am. I got up showered (I know, I know – I am getting ready to run a half marathon but if I don’t shower in the morning, I feel so sluggish), stretched, and ate my pre-race breakfast. For this race, I decided to dress as Minnie Mouse. I bought Minnie Ear barettes at World of Disney, a red and white polka dot Sweaty Band, a black C9 Target shirt, and the red dot Running Skirt with capris. Alison and I headed over to the corrals. After a quick stop at the porta-potties, we wished each other luck and I was off to corral B.

I was so excited to be in corral B, so I wouldn’t have to wait as long to start and hoped the character lines were realitvely short. Before I knew it, it was 5:00 am and the elite athletes were off, quickly followed by corral A. A few minutes later, it was my turn. We started off Disney property for about a mile before turning into Disney’s California Adventure. The adrenaline was flowing and I was feeling pretty good. The world of color fountains were running which looked awesome against the dark morning sky and I could see the first character stop up around the bend. I decided for this race, I wanted to have fun and would stop at all characters with short lines; first up, Phinneas and Ferb. Before I knew it, we were out of California Adventure and onto Disneyland. While I loved running down Main Street, I didn’t get the same feeling as running down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World (I think it was because there was not many spectators at Disneyland. As we wound through Fantasyland, I stopped at my third character stop – Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from one of my favorite Disney movies, Tangled.


The race continued on through some backstage areas and soon it was time to run through the castle. I backtracked once I got out of the castle looking for Alison’s mom, Julie. She had many sunglasses and I knew I would need those for later on in the race. After I located her, it was on to Fronteirland, where I soon ran into Jack Sparrow. I have wanted a picture with Jack Sparrow for the past two or so years but have never been able to track him down. I was so excited the line was short.


Next, we made our way out to a backstage area and to Downtown Disney. There were tons of spectators loudly cheering and waving signs. Shortly, after we got off Disney property, there was a group of Red Hat Ladies that stretched on forever (at least a block). This was a huge rush and really exciting. Around this time, I also saw my favorite sign on the course: “You trained longer than a Kardashian marriage!” The race was half way over and I was feeling decent. I knew the “fun” part of the race was over and I wanted to concentrate on making up for lost time from taking pictures. Disney did a great job keeping us enterainted out on these roads with lots of bands and cheerleaders.

Around mile 10, I was really starting to feel tired and was ready to be done with the race. I was so relieved to get back on Harbor Blvd. and see the Tower of Terror. I knew we were getting close. I had two local friends that I knew were coming out to see me finish so I was trying to text and run to locate them – not an easy task. After a hair pin turn, I sprinted towards the finish and high fived Goofy on the way to the finish. I was so excited to get my medal – I think this is my current favorite medal. It is so big and Tink spins!!


Getting out to the family reunion area was a bit chaotic with tons of families around but I soon located my friends and talked to them until Alison finished. All in all, I loved this race and course. Almost half of the race was on Disney property which was fantastic and the medal is gorgeous. I can’t wait to get back to Disneyland in August for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge! Kudos to runDisney for a great race and awesome course support.


3 thoughts on “Tinker Bell Half Marathon

  1. Love the outfit you chose to run in – the Running Skirts are awesome, aren’t they? Great pictures and I enjoyed the recap. I ran Tink too and I’m missing runDisney so I’m checking out what others experienced. Glad you had a good run! xo

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