Am I really Dopey??

Last week, runDisney announced their latest even during marathon weekend – the Dopey challenge. This challenge will start with a 5K on Thursday, a 10k on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday, and a full marathon on Sunday. That’s right, 48.6 miles in 4 days. For the effort, you will get six medals and six t-shirts (individual medals for completeing the 5K, 10K, half, full, Goofy challenge medal for completing the half and full, and the Dopey medal). Initially, I was going to “just” do the full for my first marathon experience and go Goofy in 2015. But, when Disney announced this race, I decided I wanted in on the inagural action.


Fast forward a couple day and I started doing some searching for a more local marathon in the fall. I quickly found the Marine Corps Marathon and was sold – this was going to be my first marathon. Taking place on October 27, this course winds through DC and Alexandria, VA. I am so excited for this race and love the meaning behind it. I am so thankful for all of our servicemen and women who have defended our freedoms and the symbolism behind this race is great.


Marathon training starts in a few short weeks (middle of April). I will be following a 28 week training plan by Jeff Galloway. I will be doing two short runs (30-45 minutes on Monday and Wednesdays) and a long run on Saturday. On rest days, cross training will supplement and help increase my overall fitness. I am so excited to take on these two challenges but also petrified because to date my longest run has been 13.1 miles. In previous half marathon attempts, I have not faithfully followed a training plan but I know with a marathon I will need to dedicate 28 weeks to achieve this goal and really see what I am capable of.


5 thoughts on “Am I really Dopey??

  1. When I found out about this, my first thought was “Are you serious?” followed by a mental curse word. The reason was because I ran the Disney marathon this year and loved it, and am considering Goofy for 2015 just like you. But then this came up and it was so irresistible that I felt like I had practically already signed up.

    But then I took a breather and saw the price tag. It’s worth it, for sure, but it doesn’t get me closer to my goal, so I’ll be tabling the Dopey Challenge for another year. But man, that NOT an easy decision …

  2. Yeah, glad to hear you’re doing Marine Corp…I got in too and am really excited since it’s one of my bucket list races!

    Definitely a good idea to do a full marathon before taking on Goofy or Dopey…it’s definitely a lot, but as long as you train for you it should be fine! Good luck and let me know if you have any training questions I can help you with! : )

      • There are some good IT band stretching videos on the Runner’s World website…can’t remember if I ever posted them on the blog or not, let me know if you’d like any suggestion, there are lots of good IT band stretches!

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